VNOX Biyo Elemanları Enerji Manyetik Bilezik Erkekler Takı Paslanmaz Çelik Zincir Ayarlanabilir Uzunluk

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Magnets The effects of magnet in Chinese medicine: it is mainly used to treat dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus and deafness, palpitation, insomnia, kidney asthma, irritability and dreaminess. Magnet\' s efficacy principles: the magnetic field generated by the magnet can adjust the positive and negative ions in the body, thereby promoting blood circulation and increasing the oxygen content in the blood. Using the magnetic field generated by the magnet to increase the body\'s anions and adjust the positive and negative ions in the body to balance can activate the blood, improve blood oxygen content, improve the immune system and play multiple effects. Germanium It can release far infrared which is beneficial to human body and strengthen the natural healing power, improve the physical fitness, activate cells, detoxify poisons and beautifying faces, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, adjust blood pressure, get rid of the toxins in the body, regulate the autonomic nervous system and other chronic illnesses and prevent the electromagnetic radiation in life. Negative ion The impact on the nervous system, can enhance brain function and mental activity, spirits, work efficiency improved sleep quality can be improved. Study confirmed that negative ions slow down the blood to extend the role of clotting time, can increase the oxygen content of the snow, is beneficial to oxygen transmission, absorption and utilization. Anion effects on the respiratory system the most obvious, it is because the negative ions enter the body through the respiratory tract, can improve people\'s lung capacity. Far infrared infrared is the best in all the sunlight can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue as a ray, also known as the "light of life," Far infrared can be absorbed by the body, then the body will receive in-depth human cells resonance of atoms and molecules through resonance absorption, the formation of thermal reaction, promote deep skin temperature rise, and to capillaries, promote blood circulation, in addition, some harmful to the human body in disregard to help metabolize the way, without going through the kidneys, and sweat from the skin directly discharged together, you can avoid increasing the burden on the kidneys.
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Avoid any touch with comestice,perfume,hair gel etc acidity substance ,jewelry will fade
Take off when swiming ,because it will be oxidized if touch with chloride in the pool
Take off when you sweat a lot, there will be chemical reaction which leads to the black dot appeared
VNOX is a young,active brand,our goal is to give our customer passion,decoration of your life,make your life more delicate.

  • zincir Tipi: Zincir
  • Bilezikler Türü: Hologram Bilezikler
  • ayar Türü: Gerginlik Ayarı
  • stil: Moda
  • Uygunluk: All Compatible
  • Kapat Türü: Toggle-tokalar
  • Şekil \ desen: Geometrik
  • Metal Türü: Paslanmaz Çelik
  • cinsiyet: Erkekler
  • malzeme: Maden
  • Marka Adı: VNOX
  • Model Numarası: SBRM-014
  • öğe Türü: Bilezikler
  • İnce veya Moda: Moda
  • fonksiyon: fashion
  • material: magnet+negative ion+germanium+far infrared
  • adjustable length: by tool

  • Birim Tipi: parça
  • Paket Boyutu: 8cm x 8cm x 8cm (3.15in x 3.15in x 3.15in)

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